Behavioural Types Workshop: 19th-21st April 2011

(updated 15th April 2011)




The workshop is hosted by CITI (Research Centre for Informatics and Information Technologies), in the Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

FCT/UNL is on the south side of the River Tejo, across the river from the city of Lisboa. Travel information is here.

Registration Fee and Registration Form

There is a registration fee of 75 Euro, to cover lunches, coffee breaks and the dinner on Wednesday evening.

We need everyone to complete the registration form, please. The registration fee can be paid either by bank transfer (until 18th April) or in cash at the workshop.

Registration Form


We have reserved rooms at a good price in four nice hotels. Please use this form to book these hotels.

Hotel Reservation Form

Hotel Information

Here are links to the web pages of the hotels. The first two hotels are in Lisbon; if you stay there, you will need to travel by train and then tram, across the river, in order to get to the workshop (probably around 40 minutes in total). The other two hotels are closer to the workshop and you will be able to travel by tram or bus.



Talks are 20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion.

Tuesday 19th April

Session 1: 9.15-10.50: Foundations

Chair:   Kohei Honda

9.15   Simon Gay & Antonio Ravara   Welcome and introduction

9.20   Vasco T. Vasconcelos   Sessions, from types to programming languages   (slides)

9.50   Marco Giunti   A linear type system for pi calculus   (slides)

10.20   Luca Fossati   Concurrent data structures with linear types   (slides)

10.50   Coffee

Session 2: 11.15-12.45: Multi-Party Sessions

Chair:   Vasco Vasconcelos

11.15   Mario Coppo   Inference of progress properties for multi-party sessions   (PowerPoint slides)   (PDF slides, no animations)

11.45   Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini   Relating global types and multi-party sessions   (slides)

12.15   Hugo Torres Vieira   Analyzing Multiparty Interaction using Conversation Types   (slides)

12.45   Lunch

Session 3: 14.00-16.00: Languages and Tools

Chair:   Luis Caires

14.00   Nils Gesbert   Modular session types for distributed object-oriented programming   (slides)

14.30   Jules Villard   Tracking Heaps that Hop with Heap-Hop   (slides)

15.00   Dimitris Mostrous   Session typing for a featherweight Erlang

15.30   Aybek Mukhamedov and Olivier Pernet   Session types for real-world distributed systems: Scribble and Scala sessions   (slides, updated)

16.00   Coffee

Session 4: 16.30-17.45: Languages and Tools

Chair:   Peter Thiemann

16.30   Zua Caldeira   The Bica programming language

16.45   Iain McGinniss   Hanoi: A Typestate DSL for Java   (slides)

17.00   Filipe Militao   Aliasing control with view-based typestate

17.15   Etienne Lozes   Reliable Contracts for Unreliable Half-Duplex Communications

Session 5: 17.45-18.30: Tool demonstrations

18.30   End of day

Wednesday 20th April

Session 6: 9.15-10.45: Behavioural Types

Chair:   Simon Gay

9.15   Jonathan Aldrich   Plural, Fusion and Plaid: Protocols in Practice   (slides)

9.45   Maxime Gamboni   Dependency analysis   (slides)

10.15   Pierre-Loic Garoche   Abstract interpretation

10.45   Coffee

Session 7: 11.15-12.45: Logic and Types

Chair:   Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini

11.15   Luis Caires   On session types, linear logic, and observational equivalences

11.40   Frank Pfenning   Dependent Session Types via Intuitionistic Linear Type Theory

12.15   Lucia Acciai   Spatial and Behavioural types: safety, liveness and decidability   (slides)

12.45   Lunch

Session 8: 14.00-16.00: Types and Subtyping

Chair:   Mario Coppo

14.00   Jakob Rehof   Conformance, composition and behavioural types

14.30   Ugo de'Liguoro   Sub-typing and sub-behaviour relations   (slides)

15.00   Luca Padovani   Semantic subtyping for session types   (slides)

15.30   Hans Huttel   Typed psi-calculi

16.00   Coffee

Session 9: 16.30-17.30: Choreography

Chair:   Luca Padovani

16.30   Marco Carbone   A choreography language

17.00   Mario Bravetti   Choreography projection and contract refinement   (slides)

Session 10: 17.30-18.15: Discussion: comparing approaches to behavioural types

Panel, representing a range of perspectives:

Jonathan Aldrich, Luis Caires, Kohei Honda, James Leifer, Jakob Rehof

Evening   Workshop dinner

Thursday 21st April

Session 11: 9.15-10.45: Security

Chair:   Hans Huttel

9.15   James Leifer   Secure protocol synthesis for multi-party sessions

9.45   Ilaria Castellani   Information flow safety in multi-party sessions   (slides)

10.15   Viviana Bono   Typing copyless message passing   (slides)

10.45   Coffee

Session 12: 11.15-13.15: Session Types

Chair:   Antonio Ravara

11.15   Peter Thiemann   Dynamic session types

11.45   Sara Capecchi   Global Escape in Multiparty Sessions   (slides)

12.15   Andi Bejleri   Parameterised Session Types: Communication Patterns Through the Looking Glass of Session Types   (slides)

12.45   Raymond Hu and Dimitris Kouzapas   Eventful sessions: types, programming and bisimilarity   (slides)

13.15 onwards   Lunch, and final discussion if required